Creating Everyday and Thanking God for it!


I grew up in Homewood, Alabama which were magical years of playing outside until mom called us home and observing nature in the woods surrounding our home.  Looking for the boys fort in woods and creating the perfect playhouse by the creek was my childhood.  I attended USM and UAB where I studied Art, Art Education, Dance and Graphic Design and as far back as I can remember, I have loved to draw and paint.   I have always been social and a party was an excuse to look for the perfect napkins or some unusual vase.  Besides painting, I love to arrange and design florals for events at the Studio in West Homewood.

Anything that involves color, design and creating, keeps me going to all hours of the day and night.  What excites me?  Vintage Silver, grandmothers old lace, the family Bible, painted china, and old pottery.  At the same time, I love shiplap, clean contemporary lines, and local art.  I am always at the Studio painting or working in my garden at home.  My secret goal? To have a flower farm one day.

Favorites?...carrot cake, half and half tea, peanut butter, cats, dogs, and travel.

What am I proud of?

My marriage of over 36 years and my three beautiful, successful, God loving children.  It is an honor to be their mom! and I guess I am proud of my business too!  Is there a precious memory you want to celebrate?  Let's talk!

Chris, David, me, Troy, Brittany and Robert (Brittany's husband)

Chris, David, me, Troy, Brittany and Robert (Brittany's husband)